jueves, 14 de febrero de 2008


love is the only humanism--as nondiscriminatory and inclusive as life herself.

some may think that to act according to a certain group of precepts or that believing in this ideology or that religion makes up for this vital ingredient; but merely doing the right thing or thinking altruistically doesn´t kindle your heart. it doesn´t fill your soul. it doesn´t make you the least bit more humane.
you may have made everyone happy. but if you were not motivated by love, if you didn´t act with love, if you didn´t partake of that happiness--then you were no more than a useful instrument of humanity, and not a humane agent.

moralists will always be struggling to determine the precepts that will lead you to act rightfully, virtuously, justly, magnanimously, etc. in the meantime, you can rest assured that by truly loving your neighbor you will never act unrightfully, cowardly, unjustly, abusively, etc.
so when you´re raising your child, don´t merely teach her morals--she already has a conscience. show her how much you love her and let her love as much as possible; she will know how to act towards her beloved neighbor.

love is the only celebration of the divinity--as unlimited in intensity and reach as the power of the almighty.

you´re not doing any service to your God by killing on Her name--God didn´t bring you to destroy the lives of Her sons and daughters, your sisters and brothers, but to partake of Her power of creation--to partake of the most holy of miracles: the creation of love. out of nothing. from such a vicious, treacherous, vane egoist as we all are. to such a this-wordly creature as all the objects of our affection are.

God appreciates your intentions, but She would certainly prefer if you simply acted out of love for your neighbor, and not out of this or that interpretation of this or that Holy Scripture.
your people need your enthusiasm, but they need a better education, health care, investment and technological progress: your people would be better off if you were a teacher, a nurse, a micro-creditor, or a researcher-developer--you have the education, you have the means; terrorism, guerrilla warfare and suicide-bombing are no more than ways to add up problems and to complicate things for your beloved people, especially the most vulnerable ones.

again, god doesn´t want you to be intolerant to those who practice birth control. god didn´t bring you to impose your values on her beloved creatures. god wants each individual to be free to take decisions on his or her own consulting her conscience, not exclusively your opinion.
having an abortion is a very wearisome process, try showing some love to your sister just when she needs you most instead of stigmatizing her.

humanity appreciates your respect for life. you can prevent abortions by channeling your energy and your resources into providing sex education, condoms, birth control pills, and other ways of preventing unwanted pregnancies in neighborhoods where prospective parents don't have the resources just yet required to raise such a precious thing as is a child.

love is the only humanism and love is the essence of all religions alike. you don´t need to have a partner to celebrate love and life; you have about 6,649,117,969 neighbors to whom you can show your brotherly or sisterly love anytime.

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